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No Longer in the Shadows: Domestic Worker Organizing at the Texas Border

Languages: English & Spanish
Room: 351

In 2018, Border Workers United (Labor Justice Committee and Fuerza del Valle) joined together with AYUDA Inc. and NDWA to publish a report based on their domestic worker-led research project documenting conditions in the Texas-Mexico border region. The report – “Living in the Shadows: Latina Domestic Workers in the Texas-Mexico Border Region” – is the first qualitative study of domestic workers in the region. Since launching the report, both organizations have been using it to bring new domestic workers into the movement, educate the public, and advocate for better standards and stronger protections for domestic workers. Join this workshop to learn more about strategies for using community research projects like this one for domestic worker organizing!


  • Border Workers United
  • AYUDA Inc


Feb 16 2020


11:00 am - 12:30 pm