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About the 2020 Assembly

The National Domestic Workers Alliance’s 2020 Membership Assembly will be held in Las Vegas with over a thousand domestic workers including our founders and brand new leaders from: local chapters, affiliate organizations, and our growing individual membership association,  who together will form the biggest gathering of domestic workers in history! The National Assembly is a time to learn from one another, deepen alignment around our agenda and strategies, elect the Alliance’s Board of Directors, and show our collective power.

There is so much at stake in 2020, and the domestic worker movement has been stepping up to the challenge by transforming our sector, and our democracy. In the time since our last National Assembly, we have expanded our reach to over 250,000 domestic workers and passed new domestic worker bills of rights, for a total of nine state bills and two municipal bills. We have also introduced our first national bill, been inspired by every affiliate and chapter making incredible changes in their cities, and witnessed the growing leadership of women of color in elected office and across the broader progressive movement.

It will take all of us to face the challenges ahead, and our National Assembly will help us prepare to take action in 2020 with Dignity, Unity and Power.