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Next Generation Bills of Rights: About the Seattle Standards Board

Languages: English & Spanish
Room: 350

In July 2018, Seattle, WA passed the first municipal Domestic Worker Bill of Rights in the country. Like other bills of rights, it eliminated labor exclusions, but it also established new labor standards and protections for domestic workers. Specifically, it estabished a Domestic Worker Standards Board, which is charged with creating and implementing higher standards for domestic workers, including higher wages, written contracts, and a portable benefits system for domestic workers. The Standards Board is comprised by workers, employers, worker organizations and the public. This workshop will address how the Standards Board was created, what it plans to do to improve the lives of domestic workers, and how it can be used as a model for sectoral bargainng in other cities.


  • Casa Latina
  • NDWA


Feb 16 2020


11:00 am - 12:30 pm